Himetrics Content Management Services

Great content marketing agencies understand that brands need great content backed by sound strategy. Fact is that people are what they speak, write and do. Similarly in the digital space, brands are what they post, shoot and upload.

Content marketing agencies that provides great content are many. But a truly stellar content marketing agency is one that realises the following truth.

Himetrics specialise not just in crafting ‘great content’ but also in backing it up with well researched strategy. We are in essence a complete content marketing service provider.

The essence of content management activity at Himetrics involves:

  • Careful evaluation of a content needs
  • Well researched competitor analysis
  • Establishment of clear objectives
  • Delivering content in a time bound manner

Himetrics E-Commerce Content Management Approach

  • Evaluating Content Need: The very first step in our content marketing initiatives is a consultation with client in order to understand a client’s business and accordingly his/her need for content. Understanding the space in which the client operates allows us to formulate a content plan that is suitable to his/her unique content needs, thus enabling us to strategise the best way forward in terms of what will truly work for the client in question.

  • Competitor Analysis: Any content marketing exercise is incomplete without understanding the competition in the client’s space, and a review of the kind of content they are creating. In this phase we conduct an exhaustive review of the client’s competition and present to our clients a clear picture of the kind of content that works. This gives both parties a clearer understanding of the best practices, that need to be followed and it helps guide our hand as a content marketing agency.

  • Setting Goals: No campaign is successful without the clear delineation of what its purpose or goals. While it is doubtless that content is the best way of building, lasting credibility, thought leadership and customer loyalty, without clearly defined goals to guide the content strategy, little if at all anything will be achieved. As a content marketing agency, we help our clients, set their content goals clearly, marry them with SEO marketing tactics and define the scope and extent that content will play in attaining them.

  • Delivering content in a time bound manner: Upon understanding the client need, surveying the competition and helping the client define goals and objectives, we set about creating cutting edge, well researched content, in a time bound fashion, so as to benefit the client’s cause in the shortest time frame possible.