E-Commerce Content Management

Today one of the economy’s main drivers of growth is E-Commerce. Along with E-Commerce’s phenomenal growth, has come the opportunity for allied services including E-Commerce content marketing, and E-Commerce content strategy. At Himetrics, we believe in the power of content, and its vital role in the growth of the E-Commerce footprint.

Whether your E-commerce business sell a product or offer a service, there is a need to tell users about it. E-Commerce content marketing is all about convincing customers, about the need, use and benefits of a product. Typically  the amount of E-commerce business products exceeds tens of thousands  and complexity of product updates significantly increases. Himetrics are ready to help E-commerce Businesses to solve this kind of complex content management tasks. We at Himetrics, are adept at providing e-commerce clients with specialized E-Commerce content marketing services, including product content, support content, white papers, instructional paraphernalia and other vital E-commerce content management tools. Our content services are targeted towards helping E-Commerce players, rank higher in SEO searches, with the targeted use of keywords in product or service descriptions  and allied practices. Our philosophy is helping E-commerce clients to craft content that helps customers make informed decisions, regarding their purchases.

Himetrics E-Commerce Content Management Approach

  • Understanding Objectives: We work with you to understand your marketing objectives and suggest best practices and key strategies to build content assets that will serve your brand in good stead moving into the future.

  • Prepare Strategy: We go back to the drawing board and work a content strategy that ensures you have fresh, relevant and plagiarism free content that helps your customers take better buying decisions on your E-Commerce site and thus help in growing your business.

  • Tactical Approach: We put in place a tactical plan, that takes care of proper categorization of brand, category and product pages and suggest better implementation of content throughout your E-Commerce site.

Himetrics E-Commerce Content Management Services

  • Product description, images and attributes updates
  • Discontinued products removal
  • Static content updates
  • Product inventory updates
  • Sales statistic updates
  • Updates automation setup