Himetrics IT Consulting

Himetrics Professional and Consulting Services offer the expertise and skills to help your organization deliver IT projects that span the entire application life cycle. Our Professional services provide a unique combination of  industry-leading technology and proven processes.

Himetrics professional services help clients through complete and independent planning phases enabling them to visualize solution blueprints and implementation roadmaps that are best aligned to their goals.

We, at Himetrics, have realized that when companies purchase technology products, they receive basic pre- and post-sales support. Some even do not get the best values for the technology they purchase before the technologies are considered obsolete and new models are released to the market. In additional, some organizations have requirements that go beyond basic installation services and are looking for expertise in fulfilling a more robust and integrated solution. It is in fulfilling this additional customer requirement that Himetrics professional service to meet those needs. Himetrics IT Consulting Services,  will help you assess your technology needs, provide onsite deployment, best practices, and integration services.

Himetrics IT Consulting Services

  • Network Design and Configuration
  • System Design
  • Application Design
  • Website hosting and design
  • Merchant tools
  • Automation capabilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Marketing tools
  • Third-party integration
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Support
  • Maintenance