Himetrics Content Management Service

At Himetrics we know more than most that having a powerful CMS and a beautiful website is only half the battle won in encouraging loyalty and awareness of your site. In today's world of opposing work pressures and responsibilities, it is not uncommon for website management to be an add-on to your existing role.

Whilst the two can sometimes be balanced sufficiently it can be all too easy for the website to take second billing. Unsurprisingly, the content becomes old and outdated leaving you with fewer visitors.

To help, Himetrics can take on the essential role of content management of your site, leaving you to get on with your day job.

Included within this service, we will:

  • Manage new and existing CMS Pages, Events, News, Forms, Polls, whilst replacing, adding or removing content as directed or supplied by you.

  • Ensure that all pages and content are structured and styled appropriately and ready for the web. What’s more, we’ll use your existing style guide to ensure that it’s all consistent with your brand.

  • Ensure that your website’s page titles, topics and summaries are completed, optimised and search engine friendly, and that each page is fully accessible.

  • Capture and repair any broken links on your site and fix navigation errors.

  • Keep your website fresh to visitors by regularly sourcing and replacing site images on a like-for-like basis (images sourced at cost).